“Thanks to the women who made America great!”

blog49This was Mary Katherine Goddard, one of the first women publishers in America.  She ran a newspaper, bookstore and the Baltimore Post Office and, as printer, actually printed the Declaration of Independence. She, her mother and brother printed the first newspaper in Providence, Rhode Island, the Providence Gazette.   When her brother left to print a paper in Philadelphia, Mary continued the publication of the Gazette. Until 1784. When her brother returned to Providence and claimed control of the press. She then became the postmaster of Baltimore – in addition to running a bookstore and printing press. On January 18, 1777, when the Second Continental Congress desired to spread the words of the Declaration of Independence throughout the colonies, Mary offered the use of her press even as she knew the Declaration was a treasonous publication. Her copy of the Declaration was the first one to contain the typeset names of the signatories.

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