“23 Skidoo!”

blog55If you live in New York you will have no problem recognizing the Flat Iron Building. Modest by today’s standards, it was the first modern high rise constructed with a steel frame.  As it was being constructed people would stand around and wait for it to collapse.  After all, everyone knew that you could not construct a building with steel.  There was just too much weight and, for sure, the structure would collapse when it reached the third floor. It didn’t. The building has been up and operational since 1903.

The Flat Iron Building is an excellent example of “off the wall thinking.” Someone comes up with a wild idea which conventional thinkers believe to be crazy. But that someone persists and whole new age is born. That’s why we have the steam engine, computer, penicillin and the light bulb. Every idea is crazy until it succeeds.  Next time someone suggests an “off the wall” solution to a problem, give the idea a fair shake.

By the way, legend has it during the construction of the Flat Iron Building, the structure created a new wind pattern in the surrounding blocks.  Supposedly the wind was strong enough to blow women’s skirts up.  Police around the building told the gathered men to “23 Skiddo!” or, in modern terms, “Move along.  Nothing to see here.”

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