“The gift of a split second.”

One of the great gifts of the internet is what I call “The Gift of the Split-Second.” There have been millions of photographs since the invention of the camera but fewer than .00001% of them have been seen – before the internet. That was because the ‘old’ photographs only appeared in books and editors had to choose the best – artistic, editorial and human interest – to print. Not so today. I like photographs like this one because they capture – in a split-second – a moment in time when THOSE people were being who they really were. This photograph would never have appeared in a book because the men were drinking and not everyone in the photo was alert and expecting their image to make it through the ages. A man in back is pouring himself a drink rather than looking at the camera and the two sots on the stairway look as though they are about to pass out. The second seated man from the left is proudly holding what looks like a hot water bottle (perhaps a joke?) and the fourth seated man from the left has to tilt his head up to see through his glasses – just like I do. The seated man on the far right looks like he’s asleep. The setting is dingy, like an alleyway with a cart in the background. There are empty glasses on the table and bottles on the dirty paving stones along with some trash. This is a REAL LOOK at the past courtesy of the internet and the “Gift of the Split-Second.” [See my books at https://authormasterminds.com/master-of-the-impossible-crime.]

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