Beware of what you believe to be true~

If you live in New York, you will instantly recognize this building. If you don’t live in New York, it is the Flatiron Building. It was the first steel skyscraper to be built in New York. In 1903. At that time, no one believed a steel building was possible so, every day, people gathered to see the building collapse. Floor the building went up and it is still here today. Interestingly, once the building went up, it changed the wind currents in the area. Allegedly, men would gather around the building because the winds would blow up women’s skirts. Police were there to ‘urge’ the men to leave and left us with the old saying ’12 Skidoo.” What’s the historical lesson here? Next time you are told something you do not believe to be true, check it out. Thoroughly. Don’t be left on the wrong side of history. [See my books at]

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