The difference between WAS and IS

This WAS.

Here, in 1932, my father’s family posed for a portrait in their garden. Rich Italian Jews, the future WAS. They had money. They were in the family business. The future WAS secure. What else WAS there? Seven years later they were broke and on the run.

Today is IS.

There is no longer the sedate WAS.

Anywhere in the world.

Just because you are rich today does not mean you will be wealthy in a year. Change is no longer gradational; it is apocalyptic and apoplectic. An election, new technology, changing weather pattern and everything that WAS vanishes.  During WAS there WAS a predictable future; not so with IS. Brick-and-mortar IS gone; you must ride the waves as they appear on the horizon. The world changed – IS changing – as we sleep. Sitting in a garden is no longer a plan. If you are not changing your future, you are history.  [See my books at]

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