Here we go again!  This is an editorial cartoon from a century ago when the ‘immigrants’ were Orientals.  The era was known as the Yellow Scare and as you can see, everything that was said of THEM then is now being said about immigrants today. America is a land of immigrants, yes, but what many anti-immigrant people fail to appreciate is the immigrants who arrive/arrived on our shores or border crossings were/are the ones who were/are willing to take a chance for a better life ‘somewhere else.’  They may have been the “huddled masses” and “wretched refuse” from some other “teeming shore,” but they had the guts to get on a boat. America is great because we are a land of innovators, willing to take a chance on a new product, a new business, a new idea or a new life. We lead the world in new concepts because we are the descendants of those who said, “there is nothing for me here; let’s try someplace else.” We are the “talented tenth’ of the world because we do not sit on our trouser pockets and say, ‘Woe is me.’  We do something about it. [See my books at]

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