History is not the story of the past; it is the study of the future.

This was the solution to the energy crisis in Nome during the Alaska Gold Rush.  It is the photograph of 10,000 tons of chunks of coal in burlap sacks.  Nome had/has no forests therefore no trees for building or warmth. To stay warm during the winter, thousand of tons of coal had to be imported every year to keep the city warm. There was no Plan B. A century later, in 2004, it wasn’t coal that was being imported to keep Americans warm. It was oil. There was no Plan B. Now there is a Plan B: renewables. About 16% of America’s power needs are now being satisfied by solar, wind and hydro power. There is Plan B. Then the news gets better! As renewables are taking larger and larger bites out of the petroleum-based power grid, homes, machines and automobiles are becoming more energy efficient. Our tools are being come efficient and need less energy. A decade from now, the photograph of a filling station will be looked upon as an historical snapshot of a bygone era left behind by technological advance. [See my books at https://authormasterminds.com/master-of-the-impossible-crime.]

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