Don’t fear AI, welcome it!

A century ago, this was a good job! Every era has its “good jobs” and those you “just have to take.” Over the next ten years, AI, Artificial Intelligence, will be the reason for hundreds of thousands of jobs disappearing. But AI will create millions of jobs. It is just the transition period that will be economically frightening.  The industrialization of Europe in 1848 lead to revolutions in every county, the reason 1848 in Europe is known as the Year of Revolution.  But there is a significant upside to AI.  Humans DO NOT have to do routine jobs like the one pictured here.  We will be able to do what evolution designed us to do: think, create and develop.  We are entering a golden age of creation. Ten years ago, book publishers did not publish good books; they published books that sold. Art galleries did not display good artwork; they displayed artwork that sold. Today authors and fine artists do not have to depend on publishers or art galleries.  Buyers are looking for artists, not the other way around. There will be plenty of jobs for the uncreative in the AI era.  But the future belongs to the humans who will think, create and develop on a scale never before seen in human history. [See my books at See my webinar at]

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