The death of ‘fake news.’

Sadly, President Trump has killed a time-honored Alaskan institution: fake news. The REAL fake news. In the ‘good old days,’ tourists came to Alaska believing the most outlandish tales. It’s not surprising that many Outsiders believe we have six months of total darkness followed instantaneously by six months of unbroken sunshine. And it is not uncommon TODAY to hear tourist in a United States Post office in Anchorage buying a United States stamp with a United States dollar asking how long it will take a postcard to ‘get to the United States.’ Anchorage proper, the largest city, has a population of 400,000 but sees 1.2 million tourists in the 90 days of summer – every one of them believing an Alaskan myth. It does not take us long to get tired of setting the record straight. So we don’t. We lie. It’s called absurding. Whatever myth a tourist believes, we confirm it and build on the absurdity. If tourists ask where they can see penguins, we tell them to go to the park strip around midnight ‘when the penguins come out of their igloos.’ Alas, now that President Trump has labeled all news as fake, where does that leave us bonafide Alaska fake news purveyors? And I swear this Alaska fur bearing trout is real because I got the picture from the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. [See my books at See my webinar at]

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