“It’s all the same, the whole world over/it’s the poor what get the blame”

This is one of my favorite editorial pictures.  His name is “Has No Horses,” or, in the parlance of our era, “poor boy.” He was part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in about 1910 so he was probably making good money then.  Every society from the cave until today has had the rich and ‘has no horses.’ History of the story of the battle between the haves and havenots. Has No Horses was born in a poor Sioux family but he improved his lot in life. He may not have died a rich man but he was certainly better off with Buffalo Bill than starving on an Indian reservation.  I cannot speculate how he was able to hook up with Buffalo Bill but, since this is America, I’m willing to bet it was a lot more than just luck. We make our own luck. As the old saying goes, “I’m a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more luck I have.” [See my books at https://authormasterminds.com/master-of-the-impossible-crime. See my webinar at http://bit.ly/2zjyiYG.]

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