“Just keep going!”

Anyone can quit. A lot of people do. But if you ask successful people ‘what was your secret?’ the bulk of them would say “I didn’t quit.” We do not live in Walt Disney world where everyone will succeed. Success is a journey not a destination. And those who do succeed are badly battered, like this B-25 in 1944.  How could it have made it back to England this badly damaged? The answer: it did. To those who are struggling in business, art, literature or software development, next time you suffer a staggering setback, just keep going. It’s easy to quit. Only 10% off all who struggle, the talented tenth, will succeed.  Next time you think about quitting, remember this B-25. [See my ‘different mysteries’ at https://authormasterminds.com/master-of-the-impossible-crime. See my webinar at http://bit.ly/2zjyiYG.]

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