Law and Order the old-fashioned way

This is not photoshop.  It is ‘law and order’ during the Alaska Gold Rush. There were so many men rushing north over an area 1/5th that of the Lower 48 States, law and order had to done locally. By councils of men who sat in judgement. The number of ‘legal’ lynchings were less than a handful. For most miscreants, it was a whipping. Like this one. What’s the point? We are currently in an era where people are questioning ‘law and order.’ The FBI is under siege, the Department of Justice is suspected of being more political than judicial, shootings are popping up like jack-in-boxes across the country, bombs are being sent by mail and the local police are looked upon with suspicion. Locally, statewide and nationally, we should think long and hard about the quality of the people we hire to represent the face of law and order. [See my ‘different mysteries’ at See my webinar at]

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