Alaskan Humorist Warren Sitka #1

Alaskan humorist Warren Sitka notes the problem with ignorance is it breeds faster than common sense. We are in an era where being stupid is an asset. Common sense may not be that common but over the long haul, intelligence pulled humankind out of cave. It’s time for us to stop being stupid and working on solutions, not slogans. It is raining where I live in Alaska.  IN ALASKA!  IN DECEMBER! Raining in the middle of winter in the land of ice and snow. That should be a clue that global climate change is very real. And very dangerous. We have a Congress that cannot pass gas and a President who keeps professing innocence as indictments to the contrary pile up. We are running down a very dangerous road and there are too many people, like these men, who believe that ignorance is the new cool.  [See my ‘different mysteries’ at See my webinar at]

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