Alaskan humorist Warren Sitka #2

Alaskan humorist Warren Sitka is famous for his admonition that humanity is best served by adhering to a simply rule: DDDD, “Don’t Double-Down on Dumb.”  When it comes to history, there is a lot of DDDD. This generic photo is an excellent example. These are Native Alaskans being shipped to detention camps during the Second World War. Apparently the United States military was concerned that Alaska Natives 2,000 miles from ANY fighting were a ‘national security threat’ so they had to be sent to camps in Lower 48. But the Japanese-Americans in Hawaii – ON the front line – were NOT sent to camps.  Maybe someone can explain that to me. If you are a trivia enthusiast, the Japanese-
Americans in Barrow on the Arctic Ocean, 3,000 miles from the front line, chose not to go to the detention camps. They migrated inland and established the village of Beaver on the Yukon River. [See my ‘different mysteries’ at See my webinar at]


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