Be frightened!  VERY FRIGHTENED!  This is the scariest piece of photoshop I have ever encountered. For those without a knowledge of the Renaissance, it is a remake of the hand of God creating man from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Visually – and culturally – it is telling us we have given birth to a new world, a new era.  Tomorrow will not be the same as yesterday when it comes to how we make a living, what we can buy and how it is delivered.  That’s the BAD news.  The GOOD news is the marketplace of the world has opened wide for the small business person. In the ‘bad old days,’ the products on the market were the ones businesses believed would sell, not good ones. And profit was in the large numbers. The key to corporate survival was sales, not marketing. Today that trend has been reversed. Now there are buyers looking for unique products. And Artificial Intelligence has made those products cheaper to produce. Today a writer does not have to print 1,000 books to sell one. A fine artists does not have to slog from gallery-to-gallery-to-gallery to find wall space and the entrepreneur who invents a unique product like the Snuggie can sell it on cable television. Artificial Intelligence can make and deliver things faster, but it cannot innovate.  That’s the realm of the human mind.  That being said, you can see my unique books at www.authormasterminds.com/master-of-the-impossible-crime.

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