The man who made the Suez Canal disappear

Spooky, eh? He’s Jasper Maskelyne and he made a modest living as a magician until the Second World War. Then he became a magician for the British Army. His greatest trick was making the Suez Canal in Egypt disappear. The Germans needed to destroy the Suez Canal to stop the supply of food and ammunition to Allied forces in Europe. German planes could be easily spotted and shot out of the sky during the day so they staged massive bombing raids at night. So, Maskelyne made the Suez Canal vanish. How? Prestidigitation. He matched the lighting pattern of the Suez Canal five miles away from the Suez Canal. Then, when radar picked up incoming German bombers, the lights of the Suez Canal were turned off and the fake lights turned on. The German bombers then dropped their bombs five miles away. In the desert. Killing only snakes, scorpions and scrub brush. You don’t need to be high tech to be clever!

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