Video clip of tower coming down

Smoke Stack Collapse

We all makes mistakes, some of the whoppers. Some of those errors in judgement never see the light of day (Whew!). But then again, to quote Albert Einstein, “Someone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” My father, a Holocaust refugee, was born into a very rich Italian family. In today’s dollars, they were worth about $200 million. In 1939. A year later they were worth $15,000; but they were alive in New York. Perhaps the important thing my father ever told me was “No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow.” The last thing this excavator driver ever thought would happen this day was to come close to death. The lesson? To quote my father, “No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow.”  So make sure what you are doing today has value. You are building the tomorrows of your life one day at a time. What you will be tomorrow depends on what you did today. Never pass up the chance to improve yourself because, who knows?, tomorrow a chimney could fall on you. (And don’t forget to wear a hard hat!)

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