It is easy to talk about ‘leaping into the future.’

It is easy to talk about ‘leaping into the future.’ The reality is substantially different. You get to ‘the future’ with baby steps and those steps are in the real world. There is not a lot of “leaping.”  As an example, here is a snapshot of the “leap” from the horse to horsepower. (And if you look at the pavement carefully, you will see trolley tracks.) Every transition – industrial, artistic or personal – takes time and a lot of effort. Great painters and writers did not “start out” great. They earned their way to “the future” failure by mistake by stumble followed misstep and errors of judgement. They became “great” by continuing to make those baby steps. So next time you – the writer, painter, inventor, developer or innovator – get slapped in the face with a failure, setback, rejection or t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e review, remember that the future belongs to those who keep going, baby step by baby step by baby step.

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