OK. This is photoshop

Ok. This is photoshop. It was done in the 1940s to stimulate the Alaska sea food market.  (“There are a lot of great steaks on this Copper River Red!  Look for them in the seafood section of your local grocery store!”) I like this photo because it reminds me a writer can make anything believable. Unfortunately that’s the problem with a lot of writing. It’s not genuine; its escapism. The best writers don’t ‘make things up.’ They capture real life in a unique manner. Mark Twain made a common chore like whitewashing a fence humorous, memorable and worth retelling. Poe’s raven was, well, just a bird and Hemmingway’s old man was just as old man telling a fish story. Shakespeare made dying for love immortal. Jack London took the reader inside the mind of a dog. Truth is stranger than fiction and we will never ‘run out of great’ good ideas from the real world. If you do not believe that you have not read the latest installment of the Darwin Awards. https://www.authormasterminds.com/steve-levi

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