Yup, it’s a sea horse

Yup, it’s a sea horse. (No Photoshop necessary.) The scientific name for the seahorse is Hippocampus which translates from the Greek as Hippos for “horse” and kampos for “sea monster.” But it is a small monster, ranging up to 14 inches and some can gallop through ocean at the astonishing rate of five feet an hour.  Oh, they also swim vertically, suck in their food, and the males carry the eggs. So why do I, as a writer, find the seahorse so fascinating?  Because in spite of their size, slowness and unusual food-gathering techniques, they have been around for more than 12 million years, longer than humans. Most intriguing, their eyes move independently so they see 360 degrees without having to move their head. Writers must be, at the very least, 360-degree visionaries. Then we have to ‘suck in’ the experiences were see and imbed them in our short stories and novels.  We’ll steal an experience, good idea or saying from anyone at any time from any point of the compass.  “You have the right to be silent,” the old writer’s saying goes, “but I have the right to use anything you say in a short story or novel at any time.” As readers, writer and just general folk, our greatest opportunities will come in through side doors we did not know existed – as long as we keep your 360-degree vision 20/20. https://www.authormasterminds.com/steve-levi

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