I learned a new word the other day: syzygy.  It’s another word in English which has no vowels. It was originally an astronomical term which meant three celestial bodies in a line. On this planet, it means the three or more objects in a line.  (Alignment means two ‘things’ in a line but syzygy means more than two.) My father spoke five languages and said American English was hardest one to learn. In Italian and French, every letter in a word in pronounced.  Not so in American English. American English has words with letters that are not pronounced – knight, gnu and government – words that are spelled the same way but pronounced differently – read and read – along with words which sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings: too, to, two. Then there are words which are spelled the same and pronounced the same but have completely different meanings – does and dissipate – and collections of letters that spell words only if pronounced the way they appear in other words. For instance, there is the word “ghoti.” This is “fish” if one pronounces the “gh” is the “f” sound as found in the word “enough.” The “o” is “i” sound as found in “women” and the “ti” is the “sh” sound as found in “nation.” At the same time, there are words which have the letters in the same combination but are pronounced differently, as in “quick” and “Buick.” Hummm,

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