Yeah, I know. “Photoshop.”

Yeah, I know. “Photoshop.”  Actually, no. It is a double-exposure from 100 years ago. During the Spanish Flu influenza, 1918 to 1920.  That pandemic came in three waves. One in the Spring of 1918, a second wave in the Fall of 1918 and a third a year later. It killed about 650,000 Americans.  Three waves of a pandemic. Humm, where have I heard that before? History is not the story of the past; it is the study of the future. We get pandemics just about every 50 years.  50 years ago?  I’m glad you asked. It was the Hong Kong Flu, 1968, and it killed 100,000 Americans.  And with each pandemic the rules are the same: social distancing, testing, vaccine – and face masks.


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