United States Postal Service

One of the givens in the United States is the USPS, United States Postal Service.  It is not Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, liberal or conservative, city or farm, black or white, male or female.  It serves all of us and THE PROBLEM we have now is we have forgotten how IMPORTANT it is.  We just ASSUME it will continue to do the excellent job it has always done.  But, as they say, if you ‘assume’ you will make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me.’  The USPS is now under attack for a political reason. This will pass. The important thing to keep in mind is to learn from our mistakes.  We should never assume the USPS will be immune from political influence. The mail will be just as important in a decade as it was 100 years ago, as can be seen in this mail call during the Alaska Gold Rush.  History is not the story of the past; it is the study of the future. If you want the USPS in the future, you have to fight for it today. www.authormasterminds.com/steve-levi

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