Why your grandparents never went to the library without a pen.

Quick, millenials, what is this?  And why did your grandparents always take a pen to the library?  (Library: a big building with lots of free books.  Books: things you read to learn facts, theories, issues and approachs you never knew before.) One of the greatest myths of this electronic age is you can learn all there is to know on the computer. If all you need to know are the basics, Wikipedia is a gift of the gods. But just knowing facts is not knowledge; it’s entertainment. American education is based on the “fact  dump” theory.  Simplified, if you dump enough facts into young people’s heads, students will develop unifying theories of how those facts fit together.  It Geek Speak this is known as GIGO, “garbage in, garbage out.” Giving a computer lots of numbers is no guarantee you will get anything meaningful from those numbers. That’s why a library is important. Books – many of them in libraries – provide the framework for those facts students have been dumping into their brains. 

www.authormasterminds.com/steve-levi; https://bit.ly/2WwBElt.

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