“You wore what?”

When it comes to “the past,” it is so easy to say, “Well, in those days ….”  But there were 365 days a year in every one of “those days,” and in every one of “those days” our grandparents had to live, eat, struggle to make a dime and face every single real world problem we have today. Only technology has changed. What no one thinks about are the day-to-day, nuts-and-bolts realities of THEN. Today we don’t give much thought to driving to work. We just get in a car and go. 100 years ago, well, it was a bit different.  If you were a woman and had to look good wherever you went, you had to wear a hoop skirt.  If you lived in a city, you could not ride with a hoopskirt. The hoops had to come off before you got on whatever means of transportation you used.  So, young women, next time you complain about wearing a bra, be thankful you can get to work without undressing on the sidewalk. 

www.authormasterminds.com/steve-levi; https://bit.ly/2WwBElt.

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