Alaskans have a unique folk art, it’s called “absurding.” Alaskans get tired of hearing tourists ask the same stupid questions. Alaska does not have six months of darkness called the “Midnight Sun” followed instantly by six months of unbroken light, we do not have penguins and Eskimo do not live in igloos.  And there are tourists who stand in a United States Post Office in Anchorage buying United States stamps with United States dollars from a United States Post Office employee in a United States Post Office uniform asking, “How long for this postcard to make it to the United States?”  So Alaskans just lie. Not little white lies; BIG ONES. Whoppers! “Absolutely we have penguins in Alaska. You can see them down at the park strip at about 6 a.m. when they come out of the igloos. Sure our salmon are huge!  So big we have to butcher them!  As a matter of fact, here’s a meat wagon coming down the street right now!”



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