“Money does not exist.”

If you think money exists, go to your bank and ask to see the actual $500 in your checking account. Expect to be laughed at. That’s because money does not exist; just the illusion of it. This has been the problem since the cave. Wealth is the belief of the value of what you own. In the early days of Alaska, there were very few American dollars or coins so Alaskan businesses printed them. Called bingles, these were good in any store in the community where you lived.  It wasn’t called counterfeiting; it was called doing business the Alaskan way. The bingles were even good in the local United States Post Offices because the local Post Offices could redeem them for American dollars from the businesses which printed the bingles. All was going well until some Alaskans tried to use bingles in a United States Post Office in Seattle. That, as the expression goes, upset the applecart. Since then, it has been cash, check or credit card in even the smallest villages. 


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