“It’s for WHO?!”

OK, history buffs. What’s this? Let me give you a hint.  It is the statue of a boot in Saratoga, New York, to honor of one of America’s greatest Revolutionary War heroes. At a crucial moment in the Battle of Saratoga, as American forces were getting the stuffing beat out of them, an American general, against direct orders of his commander, Horatio Gates, rallied troops loyal to him personally and turned the tide against the British.  How? He ordered a sniper to shoot the British Commander Simon Fraser. The shoot was – at that time – an astounding 300 yards.  The British advance fell apart and the British retreated. Then Horatio Gates claimed the victory had been his brainchild. The General in question was wounded in the leg and this statue honors – his leg. But his name is not on the statue or listed on the inscription on the back of the leg statue. Why not? Here’s his name, scrambled:

btcenicd dolnra


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